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june sarpong salary

june sarpong salary – In the wake of June Sarpong’s dismissal from her position as BBC diversity champion, questions have been raised about her compensation.

Following the disclosure in the public broadcaster’s annual report that Sarpong gets £267,000 per year for working three days a week as the corporation’s director of creative diversity, the public broadcaster has come under fire.

june sarpong salary
june sarpong salary

After being named as the BBC’s first creative diversity director in 2019, Sarpong was tasked with making genuine change in the broadcasting industry by improving the representation of ethnic minorities and handicapped people on screen.

Because of her celebrity profile and the fact that her working week is shorter than the customary five days, some have expressed concern over Sarpong’s pay package.

During an interview with the Sunday Paper, former leader of the Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith expressed his dissatisfaction with the compensation of £267,000 for working three days a week.

“Another own goal for the BBC,” says a commentator. There must be thousands of perfectly capable persons who would be willing to work for less money to complete this task.”

In Diverse Company, where Caitlin Bethell is the head of psychology, she says the amount of days Sarpong or any other head of diversity works should not have an impact on their compensation.

june sarpong salary
june sarpong salary

During an interview with Human Resources magazine, Bethell stated that “basically, the role is crucial if we want to achieve change, the BBC is enormously influential, and if Sarpong is able to deliver her objectives in three days, it shouldn’t matter.”

“She should be compensated adequately in order to recognise the contributions she is making.” “
A representative for the BBC defended Sarpong’s pay and stated that she is essential in ensuring that the organisation is as varied as it possibly can be.

They stated that “audiences from all backgrounds and communities must feel that they are represented in our programmes.” The BBC considers this to be an absolute priority.

The BBC’s first creative diversity policy is being implemented by Sarpong, who also oversaw the organization’s most major financial investment in diverse content, both on and off the air.



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