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Jonas Tellander Net worth

Jonas Tellander’s net worth is unknown. Jonas Tellander attended the University of Minnesota and majored in Chemical Engineering. As a Product Manager at Unilever, he was given enough chance to improve his managerial abilities. Following his MBA, he gained five years of experience in the licencing finance department of Roche before deciding to start his own business.

Jonas Tellander Net worth
Jonas Tellander Net worth

When Jonas Tellander and his business partner Jon Hauksson launched Storytel in 2005, they went under the pseudonym Bokilur to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The firm, on the other hand, had only modest growth over the first four or five years of its existence.

During the period when the iPhone gained popularity and the Spotify service became more extensively utilised, an increase in audio consumption occurred, allowing for an increase in audio consumption. Storytel had to wait till the market had reached a more mature stage before entering it.

Beginning in 2013, customers in Sweden began to recognise Storytel as a distinct brand, and the firm began to make major efforts in marketing and advertising the following year. They were able to expand as a result of being ahead of the curve with regard to audiobooks.

Storytel, the market leader in the Swedish audio sector, now has a market share of between 70 and 75 percent, making it the most developed audio market in the world at the moment.

Jonas Tellander Net worth
Jonas Tellander Net worth

This year, the company plans to expand into new countries and areas such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Mexico, as well as acquire momentum in smaller markets such as Singapore and Iceland, where it has experienced rapid growth.

As opposed to engaging in confrontation, Storytel has adopted a policy of avoidance, in which it seeks to build collaborative relationships with local publishers for the creation of audiobooks.

As an additional measure to extend its product offerings, it has acquired a number of publishing companies.



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